Advertising companies in Hyderabad do a splendid job of selling products. Digital agency in Hyderabad does make use of advertisements to ensure profits for their clients.

Advertising is truly quite an ancient art. The barter approach eventually gave way to a new modern approach to advertising and marketing.

There are plenty of popular myths as well as misconceptions that do surround the field of advertising even today and also this applies to advertising companies in Hyderabad.

Advertising is indeed considered as being the best tool that can make people aware of the product a company decides to sell. This is the best way to communicate with the audience and also to inform them about the product but with a proper media selection and of course timing. But there are a few myths that have been creating problems in the path of successful advertising. Digital agency in Hyderabad does an excellent job of advertising.

Popular myths of advertising companies

1. “Advertising is the same thing as PR” – While there appears to be an overlap between the two career paths in terms of skill set, their respective focuses are significantly different; a company that functions well in a particular way does not necessarily mean it will b good at another sort of function automatically.

2. “Using advertising is somehow immoral or unethical; it’s like manipulation” – While there are few who hold the opinion that relying on advertising to sell products is in some manner unethical, they could not be further from the truth. Advertisers do need to abide by a fairly strict set of regulations to not be accused of producing false or misleading advertising.

3.“Our firm has enough business” – Enough business for what really? To maintain the status quo, or to aggressively grow as well as expand? When the market can change at a moment’s notice “enough business” should never be one’s goal.

4. “People ignore paid ads” – This is more applicable to internet advertising, and few feel that paid ads do end to get ignored. This does not appear true enough as Google has been rather able to consistently generate $30b/yr. in online ad revenue via this exact medium.

5.“Online advertising is complicated” – This is not a true myth, but yet believed in. In reality, online advertising has never really been simpler to break into and there is more software as well as information out there on the subject than ever before.

6.“You can’t effectively target a local market” – While this is considered to be true, geo-targeting as well as other technological advances now do exist which makes the task much easier to accomplish.

10 Myths about Advertising Companies in Hyderabad

7.“E-Commerce is too much of a technical hassle to worry about” – “It is easier and more cost-effective than ever before for businesses to outsource the technical skills they may lack in-house,” says Seth Baily, CEO of “Any technical hurdles a company faces can be solved quickly and easily through outsourced third-party IT support.”

8.“Humor trivializes our message” – In the era of ADHD and a 24-hour based news cycle, humor often helps to get a message to stay in the minds of customers. Even in industries humor is not normally employed.

9.“Our industry reputation is advertising enough” – The problem with this line of thinking is that one’s customers are not the industry expert a person is if people never hear about one’s company or product, the industry reputation among experts will be enough to save a person.

10. Advertising is only needed when business is slow – Wrong. There is no truth in the saying that big and successful brands do not advertise their products. When the business is going slow or at its low, the advertising will indeed have to be heavy and more in number. This will indeed help the product to improve its market value and make people aware of the product.


Judging from these myths few people feel that advertising does not provide good value for the money spent. People, who carry this view in mind, do not realize that there are more modern forms of advertising. Advertising is essential for sustained growth.