It is understood that at least 5 to 7 brand impressions are indeed required to effect a lasting impact in the user’s mind. Being one of oldest marketing practices, branding has indeed outreached everything else and has been able to successfully cement its influence across several devices. While 2017 did introduce us to the interference of emerging technologies in marketing, 2018 will no doubt large-scale adoption of techniques as well as experiments.

Building of an email list and sending a weekly email newsletter

Email marketing is a very effective way of marketing as well as building a brand. One never doubted it and the messages have been delivered quite straight into the inbox of the given intended recipient. If one happens to choose the mail subject well, the recipient is indeed bound to open the same and the biggest hurdle in conveying one’s message across is overcome.

Personal branding campaign on Facebook

Facebook happens to be the biggest social network and is indeed an amazing goldmine for several marketers as well as brand owners on account of its size. It is no doubt a great way outing one’s brand across in the world of who’s who of business. One can easily project one’s brand thus competing for larger businesses with which one would like to do business in the near future.

Facebook does present one with the ability to put oneself in front of the exact audience one wants to attract. One can start a public page in order to have a personal brand on the platform.

One needs to have the proper platform to build one’s brand. One has to create well researched as well as long-form posts about one’s area of expertise and then post them regularly on LinkedIn. The users would then come to know about one’s knowledge about the topic in question and would like to follow oneself for more.

One must try to make the users as well as readers engaged and also respond to comments promptly.

Twitter chat participation

One comes across interesting conversations on Twitter at any given point in time. Twitter chats are no doubt on specific topics. One should try to take part in these chats as well as conversations and make valuable comments. Users like to follow up anything unusual and that is what must be offered in chat conversations.

Twitter chats were very popular years ago and will continue to be so. Many users access them and naturally, it is an important medium of communication. Influential people in the industry avail it.


It is obvious that communication is very essential in business and social media has an important role to play in business. Twitter is the much-made use of and a lot of communication is done through email, both personal as well business.

We live in a world where communication matters a lot and the social media such as Twitter do play a major role in spreading messages, both business and well as personal. One cannot do without social media in the promotion of business.