In this mobile revolution, it is critical to stay in touch with the latest technology at all times. Bulk SMS are the fastest method of conveying information to groups or individuals to several members, within the fraction of seconds. Bulk SMS is one of the simplest ways of sending bulk SMS to your customers or clients. Bulk SMS helps you to keep regular contact with their clients by providing latest updates of offers and services. Bulk SMS can get you 10 to 15 percent of more conversation and where you can do remarketing your brand with your customers.

Though, with the ever so strict rules & restrictions on messaging services, online bulk SMS service comes as a boon to all technology-savvy individuals. With one can quickly send SMS online to any mobile number in India using a very simple method. One of the Bulk SMS service providers is, which leaves behind the worries of expensive charges for sending SMS.

There are two types of Bulk SMS services are there
1. Transactional SMS
2. Promotion SMS

Transactional SMS has used for the clients who buy your product to show them the status of their product.

Promotional SMS has utilized for the customers who already bought your product and using them; promotional SMS can use for remarketing purpose where you can send offers, coupons, discounts and more. is a unique service that puts in direct contact with your colleagues, dispatch units, clients, sales reps, suppliers or even the friends using mobile text messaging. The strategy of allows you focus on your business, not the technical issues of sending out your mass bulk SMS. We hold clients from all cities in India. is providing speed, cheap, best SMS service to our clients and one of the top bulk SMS Providers in India

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