The need of the hour of is how to integrate digital media as well as technology in order to increase the contributions of the digital marketing sector. Lately, 5 to 20 amazing changes in digital marketing area have taken place. Much increase has been then in the internet search as well looking at social media. There has been a tremendous growth in the usage of smartphones and mobiles.

One must make an assessment of one’s business requirements and then select which trend will be most appropriate.

Which marketing trend will be most important to you and your business in 2018?

This question has often been raised as thereare different types of businesses. Usually 3 top optimizing techniques are often highlighted which are as follows:

  1. Content marketing: This covers all digital communications from the searches to social and onto email marketing in website operations. There are several content marketing tools to make use of and thus involves a planned approach.
  2. Big Data has much potential in business operations and help in decision making and other business analysis. Collection f data is very important and much search is done on the internet in order to get all the required facts before one takes a proper decision.
  3. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. There is much interest in this aspect digital marketing. A lot of it has been covered on the internet.

Here is the complete listing of digital marketing techniques:

  • Big Data that includes market and customer insight as well as predictive analytics)
  • Content marketing Communities that are branded niche or rather vertical communities.
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO) does improve the website experiences
  • Displaying of the banners on publishers, ad networks social media that includes retargeting as well as programmatic
  • Internet of Things (IoT) marketing applications
  • Marketing Automation which includes CRM, behavioural Email marketing and also web personalization)
  • Mobile marketing that includes mobile advertising, site development as well as the apps
  • Paid search marketing, e.g. Google AdWords Pay Per Click
  • Online PR that involves influencer outreach.
  • Partnerships which include affiliate and co-marketing.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO or organic search)
  • Social media marketing including Social CRM and Social Customer Care
  • Wearables (e.g. Apple Watch, activity trackers, augmented reality)

The Ten Marketing Trends to Act on in 2018

If one were to look at the 14 themes that were covered last year, none of these top-level marketing techniques are especially new, so it is difficult to describe them as new trends or innovations. However, techniques like Big Data and analytics, Content Marketing and Email/Marketing Automation have indeed taken to an upward trend in growth and will be made use of by several businesses.

Much research is on the digital marketing techniques and nearly 6% of the companies thought their integration process was completely optimized, yet many of them are no doubt actively involved on working on integration.