10 Reasons why you may need a Digital Channel Strategy?

1. One is Directionless

Companies which do not have a digital strategy do not have clear strategic goals. In order to gain on online, they must have a strategic plan. Being directionless does not help in achieving progress. One must have smart digital marketing objectives.

2. One will not know One’s Online Audience or Market Share

Proper research is required for achieving results in customer demand for online services. One will not be able to understand one’s online marketplace. On online marketplace methodology, one has access to tools that are available from the main digital platforms. One has to tap searchers on Google.

3. Existing and Start-Up Competitors will Gain Market Share

One has to devote adequate resources for digital marketing and also avoid proceeding without clearly defined strategies. One will face problems with competitors.

4. One does not have a Powerful Online Value Proposition

One must have a defined online customer value proposition that is tailored to one’s different target customer personas that will help one differentiate one’s online service thus encouraging the existing new customers to engage initially and also stay loyal. One has to develop a competitive content marketing strategy which is key to several organizations to engage in content and search on channels such as social media, email marketing and on one’s blog.

5. One does not know One’s Online Customers Well Enough

Digital is an important medium. One has to make use of various feedback tools of the website.

6. One is not Really Integrated (“disintegrated”)

It is rather common for digital marketing activities to be completed in silos be it a specialist digital marketer, sitting in IT or a separate digital agency. It is an accepted fact that digital media work best is well integrated with traditional media and responsive channels. It is better to make use of an integrated digital marketing strategy.

7. Digital has less People/Budget given more Importance

Although resources may be devoted to both planning and executing e-marketing and there is also likely to be a lack of specific specialist e-marketing skills which will indeed make it difficult to respond to competitive threats effectively.

8. One is Wasting Money and Time Through Duplication

Despite having sufficient resources, they may get wasted. This is particularly the case in larger companies where one see different parts of the marketing organization thus purchasing different tools or making use of different agencies for performing similar online based marketing tasks.

9. One may not be Agile Enough to Catch up or Even Stay ahead

Most brands are dynamic. And to stay ahead of them is difficult.

10. You are not Optimizing

Every company with a website does have analytics. Once a strategy does allow one to get the basics rights, then one can as well progress for continuous improvement of various key aspects such as search marketing, site user experience, email and social media marketing.

Digital strategy and transforming the marketing is essential. Best practices in marketing tools must be made use of.