SEO is a constantly changing as well as growing industry and has become an essential component of serious digital marketing strategies. In 2017 much investment was there in this area and businessmen did indulge in digital marketing to augment their business. It is also projected that the SEO services will indeed climb the ladder and also prove to be very beneficial in the business industry in 2018.

One has come a long way in SEO operations and now the most difficult issue is to project the future. Much effort has to be made in investments in order to maximize SEO operations and this is what is expected in the coming year. Search engine operations are indeed very important in the promotion of content marketing strategies and cannot be negated at all.

1. UX will play a larger role

Earlier SEO was actually treated more as the job than a creative entity to be performed in IT team. Although, it is technical in nature yet it is indeed an art by itself. The SEO professionals do require technical understanding no doubt, but at the same time, they require much creativity in thought and expression. They have to be able to understand and appreciate the various nuances of SEO operations and thus enhance the respective image of the website. The idea is to sell the content and for this, they have to apply their skill in manipulating the content in such a manner that it attracts the eye of the viewer. In fact, it has to be an interactive session between the viewer and the SEO.

The user experience has to be taken note of and given its due place in SEO operations. The idea is to keep the viewer on the website as long as possible. One has to study the mind of the user in and out and meet up to his or her expectations of high-quality content.

Online marketing is important and analysis has to be done of the viewership approach and quality and quantity have to be well balanced in order to have the required impact on the audience.

Tools such as like Google Analytics and Search Console are very important to enhance the image of the respective website. One has to work on the content that the viewer is searching for. Branding cannot be ignored and online users have to be understood well.

2. AMP will be a ranking factor

Earlier Google operations involved a single index of documents while pulling search queries. Off late, it is in the process of being to create two indexes, one meant for mobile and one for the desktop, with the mobile thus becoming the primary index.

But users simply do not look out for something new and unique on mobile devices. They also expect speed.

AMP may not be a ranking signal but it does have the required impact on search or website performance. AMP involves content that is gets featured prominently in the mobile search results.

3. AI will run the search

Google did announce RankBrain in 2017. AI has indeed a good effect for search. Over a period of time, the machines do learn patterns and also understand content and results will indeed also get rather more accurate. One has to provide informative material useful to the users.