The landing page is the page that a reader first lands upon while browsing the internet. When these are rather constructed effectively, then they are much-targeted pages that are aimed at converting a very specific group of site visitors into the existing customers.

Why are Landing Pages so Important?

Be it the website’s goal to sell products, generate leads, generate phone calls, or anything else or making use of or even optimizing landing pages that will ultimately lead to higher conversion rates and of course more business.

One of the biggest misconceptions about such websites is that all of the existing traffic is expected to be sent to the homepage.

What Makes a Good Landing Page?

A landing page is expected to be relevant to the ad campaigns that send visitors there. An excellent landing page does directly reflect the messaging from the existing ad text. Since the user is also interested enough in the ad messaging in order to click on it, it is also expected that a page mirrors any of the offers in the advertisement. Having mixed messaging and also ad-to-landing page pricing discrepancies, or even hidden offers that can be rather confusing and will also lead to a higher bounce rates, low conversion rate, and also wasted ad spend.

Clear Calls-to-action

Almost immediately, a visitor must know what one’s site wants them to do. While visitors will not necessarily think about one’s site in this way, navigation down the appropriate conversion path is essential.

Placement of Site Elements

Even if one’s PPC campaign messaging mirrors one’s landing page perfectly, one has also written a captivating call-to-action, one’s site still may not perform all that well. The placement of that messaging as well as call-to-action is equally as important as the words themselves. The perfect call-to-action does not do any good if a user does not read it.


It has been often understood that the visitors usually decide whether or not to leave a site within a span of 5 seconds of landing. First impression of the landing page does count for a viewer to remain on it. A landing page with too much information scattered in every direction is certainly going to make a visitor’s head spin and also cause them to quickly have a go at the back button. One must not bog down the page with too many buttons or even links. It is also necessary to ensure that the potential customer does quickly find as well as stay much interested in one’s offer in order to make the next required step to becoming an expected conversion.


Brand name counts and this is important. for selling purpose. Questions that arise are

  1. Did you ever have a happy customer?
  2. Does one’s business have certifications?
  3. Has one’s business ever won any award?
  4. Does one’s website make use of a secure checkout?
  5. Does one keep personal information confidential?

One should be able to answer Okay to one of these questions. This is so in case one’s brand is not considered to be household name, it is important to show visitors that one’s past customers do rank.