Digital marketing is preferred now by the business establishment to augment revenue. Much investment is made on this front. Machine learning in digital marketing is another aspect of this marketing approach.

Preparation for business financially for the year 2023 means evaluating one’s digital marketing budget. Digital marketing is no doubt becoming more important each year as the Internet and access to Internet-enabled devices tend to grow. Focus is also on machine learning in digital marketing apart from many other issues.

1. Setting of digital marketing budget

Care must be ensured that overspending must not be indulged in spending too much in digital marketing but it needs to well focus upon financially.

The decent allocation must be there, about half or more of one’s allocation needs to go towards digital marketing.

Several companies do tend to fall short of this benchmark, even though they spend only a third of their marketing budgets on digital strategies.

Yet, with the growing popularity of the Internet, it is important that proper allocation is done for advertising and so forth. After all several people search for business online and naturally business set-ups need to invest well in campaigns, or else they will lose out on valuable leads and revenue.

Every year, digital marketing does grow in stature and importance. As technology tends to evolve, the need for placing more money into digital marketing efforts rather than traditional marketing efforts becomes necessary.

2. The 70-20-10 rule

When setting up a digital marketing budget, the 70-20-10 rule helps in the allocation of funds effectively. How?

3. Spending 70% of time and money on “now”

With this rule, the person needs to spend 70% of his or her time and digital marketing budget for 2023 on the “now.” The “now” consists of strategies that work well for the business.

Be it a digital marketing strategy or a product or service that does drive valuable revenue for one’s business, focus on spending one’s money toward helping those aspects drive even better results for one’s business.

4. Spend 20% of the time as well as money on the “next”

Twenty percent of one’s budget needs to go toward things that are on the horizon. These are strategies that do happen to be new to one’s business.

It is possible to introduce and also market a new product line or service or target new segments to expand one’s market share. Putting money toward the “next” does help one’s business grow.

Budgeting Tips for a High-ROI Digital Marketing Strategy

Budgeting Tips for a High-ROI Digital Marketing Strategy

This approach helps businesses to move forward by investing in different products cum marketing methods that do enable the person to reach new leads and earn more conversions.

5. Spend 10% of time cum money on “new”

A small portion of one’s digital marketing budget needs to go toward the “new.” These happen to be the unknowns of the digital marketing world, such as emerging technology or experimental strategies. This helps cope u with stiff marketing competition in the business world. Some portion of the budget needs to be invested in new ideas.

This can be anything from up-and-coming technology to test new ideas.

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6. Places to invest in online marketing budget

Methods to use need to be considered if opting for a digital marketing approach:

1. Search engine optimization (SEO)

2. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

3. E-commerce marketing

4. Email marketing

5. Marketing automation


Every year efforts need to be made to organize one’s budget to know where to invest one’s money. It is important to know how to know how to get more out of the marketing budget and the budget should fetch maximum revenue from the investment made. It does help to consult a marketing strategist who will guide you well. Professionally so that the investment made fetches good revenue.