Digital marketing professionals are much in demand and brands are indeed focusing on hiring these experts. Bigger budget allocations, increased pay and also more career choices are just some of the benefits digital marketing career is made up of. In 2018 there will certainly be an increase in the number of digital marketing experts.

Nowadays, traditional methods of marketing are not being applied. The focus is on modern trends in marketing as well as employment facilities. The communication channels are much evolving according to the recent emerging trends.

With the oncoming of digital media, the tools of marketing have indeed undergone much change. Companies are spending loads of money to hire professionals who can work in this segment, and help them in buying a media presence on various social platforms.

Digital marketing professionals are much in demand and brands are also focusing on hiring these experts. Bigger budgets, increased pay and more career choices are just some of the benefits that digital marketing professionals can indeed look forward to in this year as well as beyond.

Digital advertising and media as an industry are indeed rapidly changing globally and India is not an exception. While the consumers are no doubt consuming information digitally, the brands are indeed following them across multiple touch points digitally. This has accelerated the recruitment of potential employees in this segment. The main core of digital media budgets is of course growing and this has led to the demand for digital media professionals.

Who will be getting hired & why?

Experts from the Industry are meant to strengthen the delivery and management team and Non-industry experts do get a fresh thinking approach as well as skill sets that can indeed prove to be a game changer in a given changing environment. The focus will be on management trainees with a learning attitude.

Skill sets that will be in focus

The segment of digital marketing is indeed new and very evolving. Companies are spending funds to hire the best of the professionals and the industry experts are meant to optimize their respective resources. To work as a digital marketer for companies the candidates should indeed have a better understanding of SEM as well as SEO techniques. The candidate should be creative in producing content for various social media platforms.

Hiring trends for 2018

Startups that are basically into digital media segment will indeed add a lot more focus in hiring people who love technology and can connect business needs with technology solutions that have the love for data as well as the passion for learning and also the readiness to unlearn the established paradigms.

Job profiles to look for in 2018

The need for solution providers and data-driven personnel will definitely increase in the industry. Since there is, of course, a strong need to reboot digital strategies with no doubt truly data-driven marketing. The need for data analysts as well as media professionals will be on the increase who can comprehend the user database and also decide the best medium of communication for the clients.