Digital marketing is the accepted norm of practice in business dealings. Digital marketing techniques enhance business and profits. Modern applications are in operation in business circles.

The best as well as most efficient way to grow one’s startup business is to follow solid digital marketing techniques.

Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Startups

Building one’s website and brand

The initial step in one’s digital marketing strategy is to establish one’s web presence as well as build one’s brand. Branding is indeed very important for an online business. Google prefers to showcase brands in its search results and also users do like to follow as well as interact with brands.

Creating a unique logo

A logo does represent one’s brand’s identity and it will be made use of in all places (website, social media pages, browser icons) so you need to come up with a logo that tells one’s story. It does not have to be something complicated or too artistic but it does need to differentiate one’s business from the rest.

Develop startup’s brand via digital marketing techniques

Create a website that accurately represents one’s brand

The next major step is to build one’s website. This is indeed an obvious step for several people but it is a fact that a lot of startups either omit this step or do not give it the necessary attention.

Having a website is indeed essential as it is the focal point of all one’s digital marketing campaigns. Via branding as well as marketing, the person will try to get people to visit one’s website, sign-up for the email list, become fans as well as eventually buy one’s products or services.

A website for a startup business does not have to be fancy, but it does need to accurately represent one’s brand. Avoid forgetting that a website happens to be the ‘front door’ of one’s business and something to be rather proud of.

If building a website, follow these guidelines:

Pay special attention to one’s homepage – It should clearly explain who the persons are, what a person does, and how the products or services can help people solve a problem.

A person can mention his or her achievements, goals, as well as mission statement but what is more important is to explain how the person can help one’s potential customers.

Using a hierarchical structure  having a good site structure is no doubt important for both usability as well as SEO reasons. The website structure should not be more than 3 levels deep and all one’s important pages need to be linked from one’s homepage.

Essential pages  besides having pages about one’s products and services, one’s business website does need to have a great about us page, a contact page, privacy, as well as a disclaimer page.

Speed and mobile-friendliness  a modern business website loads fast and is also mobile-friendly as most of one’s visitors will most probably use mobile devices. Other than that, the person needs to choose a design and also layout that is easy to use and also looks professional.

Claiming and optimizing one’s business pages on all major networks is important like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

The next step that is closely related to branding is of course to create a business page for one’s startup on all major social networks.

Claiming one’s brand name –  All social networks do permit to creation a username that is used as the page slug.

If not claiming the username from the very start, then it is likely that someone else will register it and this can rather lead to a lot of problems in the future.

Using social media marketing to raise brand awareness

Once the website is ready and one’s social media presence is secured, the next step is to jump into the social media marketing wagon and also start building brand awareness.

Promoting one’s brand using social media networks

Start with Facebook of course – Increase one’s fans on Facebook. 

Creation of customer personas and choosing one’s next network  Facebook is necessary for all startups but not necessarily all other social networks.


Digital marketing is the in-thing now in modern applications.