Till now most of the organizations could very often be able to afford to overlook the bigger picture for various digital upgrades, improvements as well as modernization. In 2018, these aspects will indeed become more connected that increasingly are concerned with holistic digital transformation efforts that will focus on more customers and be worker-centric models for better organizing their function in order to avoid disruption while creating greater value faster and also more efficient.

5 tips for digital transformation


As technology progresses, it is but obvious that digital plans in 2018 are essential for required digital change which inevitable in the enterprise as well as and society of late.

Last, there was an urgency and fast desire for fast delivery as well as digital transformation: customers, both internally as well as externally are demanding much more these days. Their expectations have to be met rather rapidly.

There is much pressure on IT as well as business leaders in order to scale up their ambitions this year. They have been reorganizing their traditional business models in order to achieve a rather more coherent and effective oriented set of digital products cum services that will indeed grow faster than the traditional line of business. Now the urgency is also to get there in the next year or two before there is potential disruption by a startup or even a newly transformed competitor.

The data indicates shows that businesses have been making rather big investments recently in large-scale technology changes. There will be growth in business and services no doubt.


There has been a steady growth in IT technological growth. And there is much emphasis upon a strong digital foundation.

This indeed digital era and the orientation are towards higher business performance. There is indeed much focus on improved, modern and rather seamless customer experience.

There is indeed a sudden growth in IT budgets as organizations are rather finally gearing up to deal with the scale of digital transformation.


The structure of present organizations is based upon functional models that are designed for specialization and also efficiency in an industrial era.

With the rise of the Internet and the digital world, change has indeed become the norm.


The three main value streams in our present organizations are Customer experience providing value to the customer, which is what they are actually paid for. The worker experience is what is made use of to provide customer experience either directly or indirectly as it is used to be able to operate the resources of the company on behalf of the customer.


Value creation will be dominated by how well these three experiences are delivered and the customer, worker, partner/supplier should be able to meet the stakeholder’s needs. Emphasis will be upon a one-on-one personalized relationship with experiences enriching their lives, livelihoods as well as businesses.


This is what digital transformation 2018 is all about: Speed, spending, and scale.The scale of course implies means transforming the top functions of an organization combined across silos.