Digital marketing enables people who stay at home to carry on business activity online. This makes businesses resilient, and sellers and customers benefit.

Digital marketing is the norm in the business world. It enhances profits and sales. It is whether businesses are more resilient as a result of it.

Why Digital Marketing Is the Key to Business Resiliency

  • Reaches more people for less. Marketers prefer the digital platform as it is cost-effective.
  • Easier to reach customers. It means that a large number of people who do engage with online platforms also ensure that entrepreneurs are given the advantage of interactive communication.
  • Brand awareness and lead generation are additional features.
  • Flexibility and sustainability as well.

The 2019 novel coronavirus challenged global health and the economy. The virus transmitted via human contact threatens normative ways of doing business, as face-to-face interactions as well as hand-to-hand transactions have and continue to be essential components in conducting commerce worldwide, especially in less technologically advanced societies.

COVID-19 had made human contact a liability. With it, the labor market changed almost overnight. While few businesses quickly adapted to a remote infrastructure, others were forced to lay off staff, cut salaries, or cease activity completely.

A key recommendation worldwide to curtail the flow of the virus was to practice social or physical distancing. It is alright to maintain four to six feet apart in order to be safe, but social distancing does not imply disconnecting.

Digital marketing engages with present customers, keeping customers in the loop on operational changes and also reaching new customers with offers, deals, and products that do add value to their lives.

A few digital marketing initiatives to enable businesses to be resilient

1. Set up a website

Online is the foundation of any sort of digital presence. The website is on the online billboard, storefront, business card, and so much more. It can indeed help a person streamline customer service, generate sales, and keep customers informed. Write blogs related to one’s industry and partner with affiliates in order to increase the reach and scope of one’s offers.

2. Maximize Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) with reviews happens to be an important component to optimize. SEO is, of course, the difference between whether a business is organically found online or not. It is a process for improving the organic traffic on one’s website. Outside of meta tags, writing blogs, and having a keyword strategy, positive reviews are a popular way to maximize one’s SEO. Setting up a business profile on Google in order to enable public reviews and also encourage customers to review one’s business on the website This enables the website to climb into the top-ranked websites when prospective clients tend to search for services, goods, and products in one’s niche.

3. Leverage social media marketing

Smartphones and Internet-enabled devices are useful for customers staying at home. Customers can learn new ways about businesses being done by a client. There are now online consultations. Also, new products are offered online. Even delivery services are online. Many more services are available.

How can digital help one's business resilient?

How can digital help one’s business resilient?

A data-driven approach meant for devising marketing strategies does help businesses use social media to enhance sales, even in difficult times. Building online engagement with customers and potential customers is a good idea from a business perspective. Keep them engaged with timely and relevant content that does not aid business.

4. Amplifying e-mail marketing

Be it a B2B (business-to-business) or even B2C (business-to-consumer) entity, e-mail marketing can indeed foster building deeper relationships with one’s current customers and potential leads. Consumers do buy from brands they know like and trust. The longevity of business is maintained.


Digital marketing is of great importance from a business perspective.