One has produced the product and now one has to make a sincere effort to sell it. One has to make serious attempts at marketing strategies to reach out to the customers.

One can read an innumerable number of books written on sales and marketing. One can go in for simple, proven strategies that will increase sales and fetch better profits for the consumer or yourself on an individual plane.

Creation of a Sales Plan

One has to define the market accurately and be able to understand it better. One must be fully aware whom the product is being sold to. One must know one’s target audience, whether they are men or women or children and also which age group they are belonging to and which profession they are pursuing. If they are housewives then the products must be sold accordingly. They can be also divorced men in their 40s drawing a six-figure salary. The more specific one gets, the better the sales.

One needs to develop a sales plan. One’s sales approach must very organized and well strategized. It should include these aspects:

• Sales goals: These should be specific as well as measurable. One must not try to sell a million units. The nature of the product must be taken into consideration and it should be divided into manageable parts.

• Sales activities: Selling must be direct-to-consumer based and maybe through a website or even via craft shows.

• Target accounts: One must keep the accounts straight and know how much one wants to sell.

• Timelines: One must adhere to a realistic timeline. In case, one is underachieving, then one must take corrective measure.

Build Your Market

To bring a product to market one must start by selling directly to end-users. This will improve demand for the product and make one feel confident.

The web is no doubt a highly effective channel and is used for marketing. One can tap into one’s own personal network as one starts. One must host a home party in order to share one’s product with friends and their friends as well or sell through local community groups and e-mail your network.

Expanding into New Markets

One must search onto new markets and expand their marketing horizons. The sale is just the initial part of the deal. One has to handle fulfillment, returns, rollbacks, slotting fees, advertising and more will be required strengthening one’s business’s infrastructure as well as resources.

• Get the correct buyer: One has to find the right buyer which is very challenging indeed. One has to do their homework properly.

• Be prepared: One has to develop a presentation and also keep professional-looking sell sheets ready. Products must be packaged so that that they can be released for marketing immediately.

• Know one’s target: One must be able to understand what products they need to carry.

• Take advantage of special programs: It is important to take advantage of special programs be it minority business programs or retailers programs.

• Be patient: One has to be patient as it can take more than the year also to gain from the sale of one’s product.

Other sales channels include catalogs, TV shopping networks and online stores which can also be excellent marketing methods to enable one to learn how to market a product online.