Digital advertising is now the present trend in promoting online business. Remarketing is also part and parcel of business operations for better growth.

Digital advertising is very popular nowadays in the business world. Remarketing is also adhered to. People focus more on their content in search results and their social media feeds. Recapturing audience attention to turn onlooker leads is an effective marketing tactic. Digital advertising is much in vogue of late.

Remarketing happens to be the process of tagging one’s site visitors and also targeting them with content after they leave the site to reengage them and also bring them back to one’s site.

Remarketing does provide a person with the opportunity to appear in front of people who indeed already have expressed an interest in one’s website. They could either be checking their email, reading the news, watching a YouTube video, and so forth. 

Remarketing does provide the opportunity to:

  • Turn bounced website visitors into rather leads.
  • Increase brand recall (and thus increase branded searches).
  • Increase repeat visitor rates as well as engagement.
  • Increase the effectiveness of search engine optimization (SEO) as well as content marketing.

Remarketing does provide a second chance to make that first impression (and even a third, and a fourth). The focus is on using remarketing strategies with the Google Display Network to in fact dramatically increase the effectiveness of one’s inbound marketing efforts.

PPC is sort of a type of advertising in which marketers will rather publish an ad and also pay a cost every time a user clicks on their advertisement. This cost is known as the cost-per-click (CPC).

CPC is not necessarily always the same, since advertisers will go through an auction to land a spot on digital real estate. Ad locations do include Google SERPs, Facebook feeds, and many more.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising as well as other forms of paid advertising have rather become popular — and effective — marketing tools for many manufacturing companies.

In case a person happens to be new to paid advertising, it is important to know that several disciplines do fall under this umbrella. Understanding the differences and also figuring out which industrial paid strategy will work best for one’s company is not always straightforward. 

What Is Paid Advertising?

The terms “advertising” and also “marketing” are at times made use of interchange, but advertising happens to be a component of marketing. They do share the same objective to put one’s product, service, or manufacturing business in front of consumers. Advertising does fall under the umbrella of marketing and is next to other components such as social media and public relations.

Navigating Digital Advertising: PPC, Display, Remarketing

Navigating Digital Advertising: PPC, Display, Remarketing

What is more about PPC?

PPC is essentially a company’s advertisements that are in search results or on another website to generate more traffic back to the advertiser’s site. Paid advertising happens to be a model that does target consumers online use of different formats, such as a social ad or search ad, much based on the consumers’ interests or even intent. Since it does allow the person to target a specific audience group, then he or she has a higher chance of generating qualified leads and conversions. The ads are usually tied to certain keywords in a search engine or even placed on websites with similar content to the ad’s products or services.

How Does PPC Work?

Rather than having to pay a standard fee for the ad, the company does pay per click — that is, they pay each time someone clicks on the ad and goes to their website. PPC can be an effective manufacturing marketing strategy as it can quickly and also easily find potential new customers interested in the products or services that one’s company already offers. Industrial PPC ads do take potential buyers straight to the website, and they also directly connect with new customers without trying to build traffic organically.


Digital marketing and remarketing are trendy.