Indeed 2018 will usher in newer marketing trends. As we have observed in 2017, every minute, about 4.1 million videos were viewed on YouTube, 1.8 million Snaps were created, and 15,000 GIFs are actually sent via Messenger. In 2018, there will be an increase in these figures.

Chat-bots did see a rapid increase in 2017 as various social media networks opened up platforms for developers to build up smart experiences for customers, brands, and publishers.

Here are few marketing trends for 2018:

  1. In 2018, chat-bots will certainly be more of a common solution for brands, thus catering to customers in a smarter as well as cost-effective way. These chat-bots will certainly be more useful as well as personalized with each of the individual interaction it has with users.
  2. Social media has played a key role in marketing and this concept will be further enhanced. Much emphasis will be given to better interactions between the employees and the customers and social media will play an important role in branding.
  3. A better relationship between customers and the organization selling product as part of the corporate marketing. Direct conversations between the employees as well as the customers that will be on the successful note in 2018.
  4. One can expect messenger app to handle the starting of email addresses via the contact information.
  5. Better advertising and more money being spent on it with explicit endorsements.
  6. More business establishment will favor “conversational commerce” via a right mix of specific automated messaging cum human interaction. Organizations will have a more closely integrated Messenger with their respective website and much emphasis will be given to streamlined and personalized interactions.”
  7. In order to be successful in this year of 2018, the marketers must be able to adopt customer lifetime value (CLTV) as a key success metric.
  8. The focus will be on the maximum potential for growth and development of marketing. A long-term growth will be emphasized upon.
  9. There is a lot of overlap between certain types of social platforms and therefore it appears too redundant to make use of them. For example Snapchat as well as Instagram, both offer “timed video” and therefore making use of both of them is not very purposeful. Brands will gear towards being selective and will lay focus on the actual audience for a wider reach. Also, preference will be given to a younger demographic and this will become the brand goal.
  10. In 2018, agencies, as well as brands, will bring about a change in their approach by taking more advantage of Customer Experience (CX) strategy cum technologies as online e-commerce and retail shopping converge through the use of newly available customer tracking data sets. Many of the digitally mature organizations will certainly try to leverage customer journey data, and cx mapping, to understand the importance of customer experiences. This sort of change will drive personalized content development in a rather unprecedented way.

Thus marketing trends are geared towards an upward way in 2018 and this will certainly impact business in a positive way. Better interactions between customers and employees of an organization are expected to ensure that there are more sales.