Advertisement campaigns or for that matter even evolving a marketing strategy without creativity is a rather dull affair and cannot have the required impact on the audience. Merely advertising cannot have the required impact and naturally, the ad has to be prepared creatively and with the full image of the mind. Creativity does, of course, vary according to one’s taste, geography, culture, gender, time, age etc. For instance, an advertisement campaigning for an insurance policy can also be appealing to a particular age group of people and can be rather annoying to the younger generation.

Today, digital marketing or advertising involves SEO, SEM, PPC, SMO and so forth. Yet, much creativity & innovations are missing. Such strategies for generating the traffic can only make the audience reach out to more advertisements. The consumer will be interested in the product or service that is being advertised, only if the ad on display is attractive enough to catch the eye of the consumer, and then they will purchase the product or service. It is in fact, the role of creativity in advertising which does play the major role.


The advertisement must be unique something that the audience has never seen before and naturally him or her i.e. the consumer will take much interest in the product or service on display. The ad impacts well and fetches quality customers. Clarity of expression and the visual content must be unique to draw the attention of the consumer.


Here some options whereby a digital marketing agency can help its client to market a product or service:

  1. Creative Video
  2. Flash/java based storyline explaining a product or service
  3. Interactive web page
  4. Interactive game [flash based]
  5. Creative image or image gallery
  6. Audio
  7. Content

It is but obvious that one can expect more in terms of consumers if the ad is done very creatively.

An advertisement campaign can take off well if the focus is on creativity and high-level finesse of the content. One has to aim at the customer taking interest in reading the email or advertisement. Creativity is very important and cannot be negated at any cost.

In the early days of advertising, a marketing campaign was not required to be necessarily very creative in order to be effective, but now the scenario is different. The ad world is highly competitive now and creativity plays a major role in its preparation.

Marketers have been making use of several tactics to make an ad very creative. And promote a brand. Millions of dollars are spent on ad preparations and naturally, the employer selling his or her brand cannot compromise on the quality of the advertisement.


The ad world is a very creative world and the makers of ads are also very creative in thought and expression. They are compensated well for their creation as they have to prepare ads that sell well in the market.