Online marketing companies in Hyderabad do great business via push notifications. Internet marketing service in Hyderabad does rely much on them for generating business.

Much effort is made to attract visitors to one’s website. Encouragement is there to make a purchase or even sign up for the newsletter. Online marketing companies in Hyderabad are manifold.

What to do with those people who stop engaging with one’s business?

Also, what to do regarding those who may be signed up for one’s newsletter but have not come back to one’s website to make that particular purchase? Or perhaps they engage with you on social media, but that’s it?

The way out is to re-engage them with web push notifications.

1. Retarget Abandoned Carts

Abandoned carts occur. There are of course several e-commerce platforms that tend to allow a person to automatically send emails to re-engage customers who filled out their contact information but have not completed the order.

What happens if the email does get sent to spam? Or what if the visitor tends to abandon their cart before filling out their contact information? The person is out of luck but can be grateful that the web push can come to his or her rescue.

With triggered notifications, the person can create custom campaigns to send notifications to any individual who has subscribed to one’s website, began the checkout process, but then left the website. The notification will automatically go out to the individual after a predetermined amount of time, maybe with a promo or discount, driving them thus back to one’s site.

2. Encouraging Referral/Rewards Programs

Another powerful push campaign that can be sent has to do with one’s referral or rewards program. It is important to have such a facility. They are indeed very effective for driving sales and overall engagement. Studies do indicate that 70% of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand if it happens to have a good loyalty program.

Depending on one’s particular brand and the products, the user can determine what the right loyalty program does look like.

Referral programs are excellent as they allow a person to bring in new customers for cheaper (vs. other customer acquisition methods) and they also tap into the power of word-of-mouth marketing.

5 Powerful Push Notifications Ecommerce Website to Use

3. Advertise Sales

Think of one’s favorite e-commerce website that a person shops from. When does a person likely to head back to his or her website and make a purchase? The majority of online shoppers are influenced by the price of the product. 80% of shoppers do admit that the price is somewhat or very important while deciding when to shop.

Even for one’s most loyal customers, there happens to be a good chance that they may have their eyes on some of one’s products, but are waiting for a sale to encourage them to shop. When the person decides to run a sale, it is important to ensure that the audience is alerted.

Utilizing web push, as compared to other platforms such as email or social media, implies that brands get better results due to increased visibility as well as real-time delivery.

A web push campaign is especially necessary if the person wants to run a short-term or flash sale where timing is a major component.

4. Send Personalized Product Recommendations

The more personalized one’s push campaigns are, the better the results. Keeping this in view, personalized product recommendations happen to be the few most powerful push notifications that can be sent.

It would be perfect to send to a segment of users who have indeed engaged with other tech items at one’s website. By segmenting individuals based on their actual activity at one’s website, a person can create campaigns that are far more relevant to them.

With web push, a person automatically can get visitor activity tracked for him or herself and also geo-location and visit date.

5. Recapture Users Who Haven’t Visited Recently

Finally, another fantastic method of making use of push notifications to drive back visitors to one’s website is by combining those actionable insights with the power of automation.


Internet marketing service in Hyderabad much depends on above-mentioned push notifications.