The domain name can be changed and can be done without permanently impacting one’s SEO. How? By focusing on the Top 10 SEO companies in Hyderabad, the user can know more about site operations.

Why Change Domain Name?

  • Rebranding: Several best online businesses tend to evolve or pivot to succeed in the existing competitive e-commerce marketplace. Updating the domain name does positively impact the site’s new image.
  • Copyright issues: An entrepreneur can commit a mistake and the domain name can infringe on someone’s intellectual property and lead to legal issues.
  • Growth: Modification of domain name in the case of small businesses does help them to expand. The top 5 digital marketing agencies in Hyderabad have done well for themselves.
  • Relocation: If running an online store, moving locations may not be ideal. In case, the domain has a country code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD) such as .us or .ca, modification may be needed to avoid confusion.
  • The (Avoidable) Dangers of Changing One’s Domain Name.

If a person is considering changing the domain name, chances are he or she does know a bit about Search Engine Optimization (SEO. For most site owners as well as digital marketers, SEO and site performance happen to be top priority in present days.

Often people changing their domain have lost their hard-earned rankings. This type of loss has very serious consequences for a business, as the site is no longer visible and new visitors will not be able to find it, and search engines will not show it in search results.

Of course no need to panic. As long as SEO best practices are followed and changing the domain name the proper way, it is possible to avoid much damage to one’s search engine rankings. 

Changing Domain Without Hurting SEO cum Website Traffic

How to Change your Domain Name without Hurting SEO?

Step 1: Choosing a New Domain Name with Lasting Power

The initial step is to choose a good domain name. It is good to ensure that the new domain is easy to spell, type, and pronounce. That way, a person can avoid visitors thus becoming frustrated by frequent typos. It will also indeed encourage users to share the domain name verbally.

The new domain needs to offer flexibility. This helps enhance online business and there is no need for another name change in the future.

Step 2: Audit Backlinks & Referring Domains

Before making sudden changes, it is wise to conduct a thorough audit of all the places where the old domain appears online. Few people may recommend running an audit as the last step. 

Step 3: Migration of Site to the New Domain

After purchasing the shiny new domain name and also conducting one’s audit, it is necessary to migrate from one’s website to the new domain. It does require moving all of one’s site’s files as well as databases. Some do it manually. If not confident about completing the migration process on one’s own, then the person can hire a WordPress developer. 

Step 4: Set Up Redirects

Once the migration to the site takes place, then it is necessary to begin mapping URLs by setting up permanent (301) redirects. This helps minimize the negative effects of changing the domain, as broken links can damage one’s SEO.

Step 5: Update Online SEO Tools & Search Console

Focus has to be on letting Google notice the site. This needs to b done immediately after migration of one’s site and setting up one’s redirects to avoid any long-term damage to one’s site’s search engine visibility.

To start with, navigation to Google Search Console is required and then there is a need to verify one’s new domain name and submit a Change of Address. Thus, Google is rather made aware of the change and a person can continue to monitor one’s site’s indexing in the search engine rankings.


The top 10 SEO companies in Hyderabad have proved the following of the above principles of site functioning and growth.