It would be interesting to know more about best social media apps for marketers. One gets a feel of the market scenario.

1. Planoly

The Planoly app happens to be the first visual planner for Instagram. The app permits one to see how one’s individual posts tend to look at a grid before one posts and also, in addition, to actually providing data and engagement rates for each post.

2. Datally

Between all the scrolling, editing, posting as well as scheduling, it is indeed a miracle that any of the social media managers do stay under their respective monthly cell-phone data allowance.

Google’s Datally app is useful here to help out. The mobile data manager helps the users to monitor, save, and gain control of their respective data usage through tracking.

The Data Saver feature alone can reduce mobile data usage by over 30 percent.

3. Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip is a must-download app and is a professional looking ap. This free video app does provide one with advanced features that include editing capabilities, soundtrack support, and custom lighting as well as aesthetic options.

4. Signal

Security and privacy are two areas social media marketers will not be able to cut corners with. Whether one is discussing with clients or dealing with confidential business information, one wants to ensure that one’s messages are well protected.

The Signal instant messaging app uses an advanced, end-to-end encryption protocol that does provide privacy for all the required content that is sent on the network.

5. Hootsuite Amplify

With the help of Hootsuite Amplify, one can easily find as well as share news, articles, and other engaging content about one’s brand across one’s social networks.

6. Habit Minder

Habit Minder sends one reminder to drink water, walk, breathe deeply, or focuses on any other task one chooses.

With Habit Minder one can track one’s progress and also analyze the detailed statistics for each of one’s goals.

7. Sprinkles

The Sprinkles app happens to be a camera tool that automatically does detect the subjects of one’s photos and also suggests appropriate captions.