Several professionals opt for marketing as a career. One aims to be a success at it. The focus is on attaining good results.

What is marketing all about?

Marketing is a form of communication and the idea is to sell your products and services well. One has to master one’s PR skills and impress upon the customers to avail of their products and services. The relationship between the seller and buyer is sacrosanct and both have to interact on the very professional level in order to meet up to their respective expectations. The seller has to sell and convince the buyer to purchase his products and services and the buyer has to be convinced to do so.

The focus has to be on effective messaging and here both content and style of presentation matter. The writing style has to be indeed attractive enough to impress upon the audience.

Why style?

Style matters in every sphere of life are its clothes or donning jewelry or even in walking and speech. Similarly in writing also style matters and so it does in marketing as well. Messages have to be conveyed well. The clothes one wears does reflect one’s personality and the manner one speaks also shows what kind of a person the speaker actually is. The latter has to make sure that the message conveyed is appropriate. People draw inferences about a person the way the person dresses up and speaks.

People usually cultivate their manner of speaking to impress upon the other person and similarly in content marketing a similar approach is taken in style of presentation of the language.

Style in audio/visual communication

In the audio or video communication areas as well, style matters. Messages have to be conveyed effectively. The style one uses for the message does impact the audience in many ways. The style has to be very professional indeed. It is rather very important to be savvy and be very convincing in order to sell well.

What sort of writing, stylistic choices?

• Choice of vocabulary
• The author’s “voice”
• Reading level
• Level of formality
• The look of the text (for example, short vs. long paragraphs, the inclusion of images)

Effectively for marketing communications must be one’s goal and strategy in content marketing. Style cannot be negated.
Style and emotional impact

Style and emotions go together and it does matter how one conveys one’s emotions. Even in writing style, this matters. Messages must be subtle and not jarring. Speech must not too emotional or even devoid of emotions. A balance must be maintained.


Style has to be focused upon in content marketing in order to attain results. Professionalism does involve style and each individual has his or her style of presenting the content to market it.

A company will progress if it does follow the rule of ensuring that high-quality content marketing is not compromised at all. It is a seller and buyers’ market and each has a role to play in the selling of products and services.