Websites are meant for communication and Facebook has indeed become very popular and it facilitates communication well. It was launched in 2006 on the popular World Wide Web. A focus has been on successful changes to the website which has made the website more attractive and also much easy to make use of. Social media has caught on and now it is made use of by all and sundry.

Facebook is commonly used and the youth and adult do avail its services to reach out to their peer group and friends and family as well. Why has this website been so successful and popular?

Why is Facebook so popular?

1. User-Friendly Nature

Facebook is easy to make use of a website and even a 14-year-old can easily comprehend all the features that are included on the concerned website. One is easily able to text, comment, like posts of others by just a click of the mouse. So this is very important and the prominent reason for the website gaining popularity worldwide.

2. Better Interface

The build and the overall look of the website are indeed very attractive which do give the user a more superior interface to work upon. One can also easily find his/her friends, follow celebrities, messages, and also chat or with the new feature even call a friend. All these unique and powerful features make it more advantageous as compared to its competitors.

3. Source of Information

It is not only a networking website which brings people together on the same forum but also happens to be a good source of information. Apart from being a networking website which does join the people, it is also a tremendous source of information via which the users can also read news and posts about all the incidents that are happening all over the world. They can also present their opinion on a topic and also initiate a discussion with others on a given topic. Therefore, it indeed serves multiple purposes.

4. Entertainment

The website gives much scope to the people to play games and also make use of its interesting applications and be able to watch videos and thus making it an entertainment provider. Other than this one can join a group and also start a chat with strangers and also make new friends. In other words, it acts as a boredom killer.

5. Find Old Friends

Also, one of the major reasons behind one’s acceptance of the website is that with the network of the website growing bigger, we can also contact our old friends of the school as well as colleges and also chat with them. We simply need to know the name of the concerned person and with the help of Facebook search engine, we can easily locate the person.

Facebook is a tool of communication that allows one to convey messages well and freely. It is a reliable form of communication and very informal.