YouTube content creator does keep track of business as being the success of one’s videos. Top 5 digital marketing agencies in Hyderabad do follow the metrics of YouTube business.

For a YouTube content creator, the most important aspect of the business is the success of their videos.

What is YouTube Analytics?

YouTube Analytics happens to be a series of metrics that can indeed provide indispensable insight as to how one’s channel as a whole, and each one of one’s videos individually, are performing. Top 5 digital marketing agencies in Hyderabad do lay emphasis on YouTube Analytics.

YouTube Analytics is the answer to questions like:

  • How is my channel doing? Get great insights into one’s video and channel performance.
  • How much money am I making? Easy revenue reports do show how much a person has earned from monetizing YouTube videos.
  • Accessing YouTube Analytics
  • There are several ways to access YouTube Analytics.
  • Creator Studio (beta) vs. Creator Studio Classic

Google is promoting its newest version of the YouTube Creator Studio (beta) on virtually everyone right now. Older, “Classic” Creator Studio does consist of few benefits. Best digital marketing agencies in Hyderabad do highlight on Older “Classic” Creator Studio.

How to access YouTube Analytics from one’s computer?

  • Sign in to YouTube and then click one’s account icon at the top right corner.
  • Click Creator Studio (beta). (The older version will only say ‘Creator Studio’).
  • On the left, select Analytics from the menu.

YouTube Analytics overview

Once a person has logged into YouTube Creator Studio and selected Analytics from the menu, then one has access to the YouTube Analytics Overview page, which happens to be a snapshot of how one’s channel is performing by displaying key metrics.

01. Watch time

Watch time is accepted as being a self-explanatory metric, as it displays the total amount of minutes watched of one’s channel or specific video as compared to the previous period.


This is a stat that can be easily tricked – or bought, as a route of paying people or service to get one’s channel or video views. The higher the view count, the more chances someone may be keen to watch the video. Top 5 digital marketing agencies in Hyderabad do give much importance to views.

03. Playback locations

A playback location indicates the location of a YouTube video having being watched. Detailed information is given from the YouTube watch page to a referred video or an embedded video on a website. Best digital marketing agencies in Hyderabad go by playback locations indications.

04. Traffic sources

Traffic sources are important metrics to track, and will rather provide insight as to which method is better for the channel and videos.

05. Audience demographics

Getting any insight about who the audience is can be incredibly valuable and does allow a person to know if a person is right on target or if there are changes it is better to appeal to another audience.

06. Subscribers

A great metric to be able to see one’s videos are increasing one’s subscriber count on one’s YouTube channel.

07. Likes and dislikes

While likes, as well as dislikes, are technically a metric that can be skewed up by purchasing likes from third-parties, it is still a palatable metric that can look for more insight.


People make vicious comments on YouTube. So, it is important to not take everyone seriously. Comments are a great way of measuring the engagement of one’s content and receive valuable feedback from one’s audience.

09. Sharing

Shares can be an incredibly important metric, as they are a great engagement measurement. While it is indeed not so difficult to share a YouTube video, it is more effort than a simple ‘like’. Receiving a high number of shares is considered to be a testament to one’s content.

10. Revenue

If making use of YouTube ads, it is possible to know about the performance on YouTube Analytics.

The focus will be on total estimated revenue (net revenue), estimated monetized playbacks, and playback-based CPM (cost per 1,000 views).