Web design and development entails a one-page trend in designing and focuses on various intricate aspects of designing that involve layout etc. Website design services in Hyderabad are excellent.

Several web designers are adopting a one-page trend in designing a page. Why so? As it is simple, clean and does offer quite an impressive design. Web design and development in Hyderabad include such a one-page trend as well.

How to create a one-page website?

Decide if it is a proper fit for one’s business

There happen to be two main schools of website design: the one-page as well as the classic. Depending on one’s type of business and what features as well as priorities one has attributed to the website, it is a better fit than the other. It is important to weigh one’s options. Website design services in Hyderabad adhere to such approaches.

A one-page website does have a strong design that consists of both minimalistic as well as organized. It is image-heavy and contains a small amount of text. The overall long scrolling design does make it easy to get creative while crafting a story whereby a person happens to be in full control over the order in which the content is seen.

The layout does enhance the user experience by allowing visitors to consume the content in a very linear way, instead of getting lost in multiple pages. The format is indeed well adapted for mobile websites as well as tablets, too. A one-page website does maintain and also requires fewer resources than a classic website.

In case the person has a short-form content, such as a landing page, freelance website, photography portfolio, wedding website or any event-related website, then it is worth considering.

A classic website consists of a homepage accompanied by other pages, such as a contact page, a service page, and an FAQ page.

A multi-page website helps a person to organize each piece of content into its own page, thus providing sufficient space and long and thorough descriptions.

Devise a plan for your content

Once the proper format is decided upon the web designer can get started with crafting the beautiful one-page website. When building a website from scratch, it is important to layout all of one’s content strategically. Creating a one-page website happens to be the perfect opportunity in order to control the order in which the site is viewed, and it is logical and intuitive.

For every website, an ‘About’ section is needed as well as an area to display the contact information. Other aspects are a CTA (call-to-action) button, a meet the team, services and products, testimonials, FAQ section, as well as a photo gallery.

The content order needs to be prioritized. Extraneous information needs to be improved.

Choose a website template

The devised plan for the content is required and a template with elements that a one-pager website needs, such as an anchored menu, strips and columns, a social bar, a rich footer, and more. Web design and development in Hyderabad does focus on a one-page type of website.

Break up your content into sections

It is necessary to display the organized content and display it on one’s website by making use of strips.

  1. Open the Wix Editor
  2. Click “Add” from the main menu
  3. Select “Strip.”

For each strip, it is required to add text, videos, images, a contact form, testimonials, and many more.

Add a relish of parallax effects

Another popular web design trend that is rather eye-catching and engagement-boosting happens to be parallax scrolling. This is an effect that does create a 3D illusion on one’s website with different strips.

Parallax scrolling provides the site with the extra punch it needs. In order to create parallax effects, it is important to add subtle animations to one’s strips, such as zoom in, reveal, and fade.