In recent days branding and marketing was improved a lot with new technologies and analytics, here we are sharing Recent trends in Branding and Marketing.

Data Analytics

As activities on online are certainly on the increase off late one needs to do all their activities online and also observe as well as analyze and predict the digital behavior of one’s target audience. In case, one has not started making use of advance analytics yet, it is high time that one started doing so. One can get to know one’s cognitive insights based on one’s advanced analytics. One usually is not aware of how much data one can find about one’s target audience in the required digital world. With the help of right technology to be able to crush these numbers, one must be able to predict the consumers’ behavior before one thinks of any necessary action to be taken.

This process helps one to take correct decisions to work on the kind of experiences that one would like their customers to have.

GPS-based SEO overtaking keywords

With increased search volume exceeding more than desktop, the GPS based Search Engine Optimization will overtake keywords. In case, one would like to find out the relevant keywords and then insert them in one’s content, then one has to start refining one’s SEO tactics that get based on the GPS co-ordinates of the respective mobile devices.

By integrating with the Google maps one will become visible to those that are close-by to one’s location, in real time and thus improve one’s chances of conversions.

Content Marketing to outshine Traditional Advertising

Many of the business establishments have shifted from traditional advertising to content marketing, and many more joining the fray. As more and more businesses do understand the importance of content marketing, then only written content via blogs, articles, web content as well as eBooks will not be on the SERPs.

One can be more creative about one’s content marketing strategies. One must sticks videos as well visual content and also be able to focus on consistent engagement.


Too much of digital noise on account of over-published content puts off consumers from engaging with the brands’ online. The authenticity of brands has to be taken into consideration. Inauthentic marketing campaigns need to be avoided.

One needs to avoid taking advantage of shortcuts in the marketing and branding processes. It is advisable for brands to come up with creative that will help establish its identity in better manner. It is better to avoid making use of standard template designs that make it difficult for people to differentiate one’s website from the others.

Going the ‘Phygital’ Way

Although, there are many who shop online, there are those who would like to do their research online but do visit the retail stores in order to purchase their products. The retail industry has come up with an excellent solution for such needs – The Phygital experience.

While trying to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds, the phygital experience does help the customers to engage at the right time and as well as at the right place. Such experiences do help in positioning the Brands in both online and as offline environments.

The Rule of the Chatbots

Many brands have started making use of chatbots that talk to people via the voice or text. Having been introduced via Facebook’s new messenger platform in April 2016, these chatbots have made it easier for customers to shop and also place their orders while they are busy chatting up with their friends. Converged along with the messaging platforms cum powerful AIs they can help consumers to have rather friendly interactions with machines.

Different personalities as well as tones of chatbots can be made use of to be able to create different levels of brand experiences. Not just with customers, but the brands are also soon going to make use of chatbots to engage with their employees too.

Retailers to put consumers in the mood

More and more retail stores are now making use elements such as music, digital signage, scent and pathways to create customized in-store retail experiences. It is about the creation of a particular mood that will create more unique buying experiences and trigger positive responses.