Indeed 017 has gone forever and now we look forward to what 2018 has to offer with regard to branding.

Here are few interesting trends that will make their mark this year in the branding arena:

1. Brand locally, sell globally

This is the age of globalization and one has to see how a brand stands out? Every company tries its best to enhance the image of its brand and this is necessary for it to grow and develop.

The focus is upon hyper-local branding although it is not a new trend, but in 2018 it will indeed make much breakthrough into the mainstream competition.

2. Asianisation of the West

Be it fashion, food, services or design, Asian is much in demand as of now and Asian brands are booming all across Europe.

Asian design influences have taken over the Western market and Asian logos are also being used.

In 2018 more and more companies will be looking forward towards the east for inspiration.

3. Swiss upgrade

Many Swiss companies are indeed under pressure on account of tremendous pressure from international. There has been a surge Swiss Franc and increase in production costs thus making it difficult for Swiss based companies to be able to compete. They are switching on to branding to face up to the competition.

4. Branding artificial intelligence

In the year 2017 artificial intelligence (AI) was no doubt a high -profile topic in the arena of business and technology. For example, in the banking and insurance sectors “robot advisors” are indeed expected to take over the gamut of relationships of the retail clients. But trust also has to be taken into consideration.

For workers, AI could shake up industry as much as the industrial revolution in the 19th century. Jobs may completely change, even disappear altogether.

Although AI has substantial benefits and advantages, it is tough to sell.

5. The rise of the personal branding

Personal branding is not a new phenomenon. Its importance is indeed growing fast. The rise of freelancers as well as the gig economy has rather led to such a freedom that people are now looking for meaningful work, rather than fitting into a standard corporate position. But this is tough ride as gig economy does involve the decrease in job stability.

The focus is upon developing a personal vision and personal branding in the business world.

In this age of internet, interconnectivity and transparency, personal branding has become essential. It is now forced upon all, and is becoming rather more and more prevalent. One cannot avoid it now and has to turn it to their advantage.


Branding has become necessary in the modern business world. The IT sector and other technological markets do need it as well as other business sectors. Personal branding has shown much importance and the focus is now upon promoting oneself on an individual level as well. Whatever said and done, branding has a major role to play in the augmentation of business.