Branding trends are influenced by consumer behavior and may also take note of the emergence of generation Z into the workforce and the rise of new technologies.

The present year also has much to offer for brands and it is interesting to take note of the various trends that have emerged.

1. Personalization cum Authenticity

A large majority of consumers do expect more from brands and companies to do more than merely pushing a sale. The numbers of brands are on the increase and competition is stiff and so it is not sufficient to be merely being heard and simply getting one’s message across. Consumers have to be shown what the brand stands for, its values and worthiness. Consumers will not come to one’s doorstep. One has to entice them. One has to be different from others and stand out in the crowd. One has to highlight what the brands stand for.

In other words, one needs to establish a personal relationship with one’s audience. One must engage with one’s customers by sharing and also listening to feedback and by also acting like a human.

2. Immersive Interactions

Generation Z is now old and mature enough to be entering the workforce and also interacting with brands. Both the generations are technically savvy, and they do base their buying decisions on the marketing messages that they see on social media. Therefore, one brand needs to evolve and also adopting marketing techniques that do offer rather immersive interactions with one’s consumers.

A chatbot that does allow consumers to be able to interact with their brand and also be able to get targeted relevant messages directly to their respective messaging inbox.

It is advantageous to have a live chat option on one’s site that does offer help as well as advice as they browse on their site.

Making use of social proof that does show real-time purchase activities with an app such as Proof.

One must keep in mind that immersive interactions are not just limited to an online world. They can also begin on a social media channel whereby one’s audience does hang out and also continues in the real world.

3. Video Growth

The usage of videos has been on the rise and continues so. One can make use of Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, and YouTube which provide great opportunities for brands to grow and connect with the audience. Popular brands make use of the social media and its video presentations to highlight their brands.

4. Branded Communities

Directly linked to the prevalence of social media based usage there are also branded communities. Big brands do appreciate this as an opportunity to be able to connect with their respective audience. One can learn more about one’s customers and get required feedback. This way one can shape their products and services. One can place oneself in an authoritative position, but one must remember that in the branded community all are viewed as equal.